Unions Granted Public Interest Standing to Challenge Labour Market Opinions Issued to HD Mining

The Construction and Specialized Workers’ Union, Local 1611 and the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 115, represented by Koskie Glavin Gordon, were granted public interest standing by the Federal Court of Canada, allowing them to challenge Labour Market Opinions (“LMOs”) that were granted to HD Mining. The LMOs had been granted to HD Mining to allow them to bring over 200 temporary foreign workers from China to work at an underground coal mine near Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

The Unions contend that there are Canadian workers available for the mining jobs and that the wages being offered by HD Mining fall below wage rates prevailing in the mining industry in Canada. Both HD Mining and lawyers acting for the Federal Government had vigorously opposed granting the unions standing. It is the first time public interest standing has been granted unions to challenge an immigration decision in Federal Court.

For more information visit http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2012/11/22/unions-to-fight-temporary-chinese-workers.