Our Approach

Koskie Glavin Gordon provides a full range of legal services to trade unions, pension plans, health and welfare trusts, individuals and groups of workers in both the private and public sector.  The lawyers in our firm provide legal advice and representation in a number of practice areas including:

  • labour arbitration
  • labour relations board proceedings
  • pension administration
  • pension negotiations and litigation
  • health and welfare and employee life and health trust advice
  • insolvency proceedings
  • workers compensation and occupational health and safety
  • human rights
  • privacy
  • class actions

Our firm is committed to ensuring comprehensive legal services are provided to our clients in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

Our services are provided to clients by way of an integrated firm approach. In this way, clients generally interact with a clearly identified lawyer who is responsible as the primary legal advisor on a particular file. In addition to the primary legal advisor, other lawyers in the firm are familiar with the client and the client’s specific needs and will be available to provide day-to-day legal advice.

Our legal fees are ordinarily charged out at our hourly rates. The rates vary and reflect the expertise and experience of each of the lawyers. Our rates are periodically reviewed and adjusted.  We also provide alternative fee arrangements. Clients are encouraged to discuss fee arrangements with us.  Expenses incurred on your behalf in the course of your legal work are charged to you at our cost. In other words, costs paid on your behalf on disbursements will be charged to you without any add-ons.  Our clients are billed once a month. Our account format is designed to provide details of the type of work performed and the amount of time spent in performing that work. If clients have specific format requirements, we would be pleased to discuss alternatives to our standard practice.