Our Work

  • Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association

    Anthony Glavin and Rob De Luca win a $10,000,000 award for the Union in a case involving Bargaining Compensation Comparability with the BC Nurses Union. The arbitrator found that the HSPBA had successfully established “Me Too” claim when comparing benefit regimes with BCNU. The award (just shy of $10,000,000) required payment of interest in accordance …

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  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union

    This case involved 3 grievances brought by Local 500 and, over the course of 28 days of hearing that included evidence from competing expert witnesses, the Union succeeded in all aspects of its case requiring the employers to implement new safe work procedures using guardrails when shipping grain in inclement weather.  The parties consolidated 3 …

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Firm Affiliation

The affiliation between Glavin Gordon Clements and Koskie Minsky LLP brings together two leading law firms, both committed to protecting and enhancing the interests of employees and trade unions. The affiliation creates a full service employee and trade-union side law firm, Koskie Glavin Gordon.

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