Unfair Labour Practice Complaint Results in Remedial Union Certification

Congratulations to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 230 for being awarded a remedial certification by the Labour Relations Board of British Columbia.  The Union was represented by Daniel Bertrand of Koskie Glavin Gordon.

The case, Anchor Cove –and– Storm Coast –and– IBEW Local No. 230, BCLRB No. B91/2014, involved an employer who dismissed or suspended all of its employees immediately after receiving notice from the Board that the Union was seeking the right to represent its employees.  While the Board had scheduled a vote to take place, it determined that the employer’s interference was serious enough to warrant certification regardless—a very rare result.  In addition to ordering the Union to be certified without a vote, the Board also ordered that the employees be reinstated and compensated for all their lost work.