Partner Charles Gordon honoured for defending rights of migrant workers

Koskie Glavin Gordon is pleased to announce that firm partner Charles Gordon has been selected as one of the recipients of the International Solidarity Award by CoDevelopment Canada.

This year’s award will be presented to the “Defenders of Justice for Migrant Workers,” including the Construction and Specialized Workers’ Union Local 116, the BC Building Trades, Joe Barrett, Mr. Gordon and a worker representative, Ignazio Sanchez.  The group is being recognized for their efforts in seeking justice for Latin American workers who helped to build the Canada Line in Vancouver, British Columbia. Following a lengthy legal proceeding, in 2008 the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal found that this group of workers had been treated in a way that was discriminatory and the workers received an award of monetary damages for the differences in the wages and benefits that they had been paid, as well as damages for injury to their dignity.

CoDevelopment Canada is a B.C.-based NGO that works for social change and global education in the Americas. Founded in 1985 by a group of activists who wanted to go beyond financial aid, CoDev builds partnerships between like-minded organizations in Canada and Latin America to foster learning, social change, and community empowerment.

Koskie Glavin Gordon offers its congratulations to all of the recipients, and thanks CoDev for its work promoting international justice for workers.